Solar Lid Lights

Solar-powered Mason Jar Lids light up any mason jar.

These lid lights are easy to use:

  • Use indoors or out! Solar panel is water resistant.
  • Fits any jar with a standard mason jar lid.
  • Includes a long-life battery, that is easy to replace.
  • Automatic switch - lights automatically when it's dark
  • Solar panel is water resistant.
  • These make beautiful night lights and patio lights.
  • The solar cell charges best when placed in direct sunlight.
  • butterfly jarlooking at jar


We've designed these and had these manufactured exclusively for us. Our Solar Lid Lights are a standard mason jar lid with a solar panel mounted flush with the top.

After purchase, remove the battery and remove the plastic piece from the end of the battery. Be sure to charge your solar lid lights before use.


The battery is included. Be sure to dispose of the nickel-metal hydride battery properly. Find replacement batteries at battery stores.